Maritime Safety Information (MSI) is promulgated in accordance with the provisions of the SOLAS Convention as amended and Section 101 of the Maritime Transport Act. MSAF is responsible for MSI and endeavours to keep these MSI up-to-date on the MSAF website. However, it is the responsibility of Masters/Captains of ships to monitor/receive MSI broadcast from the Suva Coast Radio Station, call sign 3DP

The three (3) types of MSI are Long Range Radio Navigational Warning (NAVAREA), Coastal Navigational Warning and Local Warning (currently not applicable in Fiji).

Information about NAVAREA Warnings

As part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), NAVAREA and Coastal Navigational Warnings are issued under the auspices of IMO/IHO the World-Wide Navigational Warnings Service (WWNWS). NAVAREA warnings give ocean-going mariners information they need for safe navigation.

The world is divided into geographical sea areas (NAVAREAs). The image below shows areas which are covered by the international NAVAREA radio navigational warning system, the countries responsible for warnings in each area as well as the coverage of the INMARSAT satellites which deliver the messages. Under the WWNWS, New Zealand is the area Coordinator for NAVAREA XIV. Warnings are labelled NAVAREA XIV and numbered consecutively on an annual basis.


NAVAREA XIV Coordinator

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) is the NAVAREA XIV Coordinator, the authority charged with collecting and issuing long range navigational warnings.

NAVAREA XIV Coordinator
Tel: +640 4577 8030
Mob: +64 27 687 9536 (24 hours)
Mob: +64 27 704 6994 (24 hours)
Fax: +640 4577 8038

Coastal Navigational Warnings

Coastal warnings give information for safe navigation within areas seaward of the fairway buoy or pilot station, generally extending approximately 200 nautical miles from the coast. Broadcast information includes, in particular, failures of important aids to navigation, as well as information which may require changes to planned navigational routes and any hazard to navigation.

Many warnings are of a temporary nature, but others may remain in-force for several weeks and may be superseded by Admiralty or Fiji Notices to Mariners. The two notices are originated by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and Fiji Hydrographic Office respectively.

The warnings are broadcast on HF via Suva Coast Radio Station (3DP) as long as they remain in force as per the broadcasting schedule. No cancelled message is broadcast.

Coastal warnings will not contain meteorological information such as forecasts of gales, storms, cyclones or tropical revolving storms.

All current Coastal warnings in force are under our News & Media section, click here.

National Coordinator

Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) is the Fiji National Coordinator; the authority charged with collating and issuing coastal warnings for the Fiji national area of responsibility within the NAVAREA XIV region.

National Coordinator
Tel: +679 3315 266
Fax: +679 3313 127

Meteorological Warnings

These warnings are not part of the Maritime Safety Information. The Fiji Meteorological Service is responsible for the preparation of wind warnings north of 25° South. The Meteorological Service of New Zealand has responsibility for issuing these warnings and preparing the warnings south of 25° South.

Aids to Navigation (AtoN)

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) is the competent authority for the management of visual aids to navigation and have overall authority for the establishment, removal, or alteration of all AtoN. Any casualty or failure to AtoN is promulgated to mariners.

MSAF is an active member of both the IMO and IALA which work together to improve aids to navigation standards globally.

A register of navigation lights is maintained by MSAF and a list is also published in the Admiralty List of Lights and Fiji Nautical Almanac.

Charts and Publications

The official paper nautical charts, hydrographic publications and electronic navigational charts (ENCs) of Fiji waters are published by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO). For more information you may refer to UKHO website It is the responsibility of mariners to keep all the charts up to date.


378 Savusavu Bay
384 Ravi Ravi Point to Mali Island
385 Yaqaga to Ravi Ravi Passage
386 Yadua Island to Yaqaga Island
387 Vatia Lailai to Viti Levu Bay
389 Lautoka to Vatia Lailai
440 North Eastern Approaches to Fiji
441 South Eastern Approaches to Fiji
488 Makogai Channel to Nasilai Reef
744  Suva Harbour to Koro Island
745 Kadavu to Suva Harbour
746 Navula Passage to Beqa
748 Yalewa Kalou Passage to Viti Levu
749 Yadua Passage to Sau Sau Passage
750 Charybdis Reef to Koro Island
751 Koro Island to Northern Lau Group
752 Natewa Bay to Nanuku Passage
1244  Levuka Harbour
1660 Suva Harbour
1670 Plans in Viti Levu
1673 Western Approaches to Suva Harbour
1674 Eastern Approaches to Suva Harbour
1682 Beqa Passage and Lagoon
2691 Fiji Islands
4602 Tasman and Coral Seas
4604 Coral and Solomon Seas Adjacent Seas
4605 New Zealand Fiji and Samoa Islands
4632 Fiji to Tuvalu
4633 Solomon Islands to Fiji
4638 Fiji to Kermadec Islands Tongatapu


F5 Lautoka to Yasawa Islands
F9 Kadavu – Western Portion
F10 Kadavu – Northern Portion
F11 Plans in Kadavu
F50 Natewa Bay – Southern Portion
F51 Somosomo Strait to Rabi Channel
F52 Natewa Bay to Nanuku Passage
F53 Nanuku Passage to Lakeba Passage
F54 Lakeba Passage to Kabara
F100 Plans in the Koro Sea


NP61 Pacific Islands Pilot, Vol 2
NP83 Lights List: Indian and Pacific
NP100 Mariners Handbook
NP133 Paper Charts Maintenance Record
NP136 Ocean Passages of the World
NP204 Admiralty Tide Tables Pacific Ocean
NP247 Admiralty Notices – Annual Summary
NP294 How to Correct Paper Charts
NP281(2) ALRS: Maritime Radio Stations
NP282 ALRS: Radio Aids to Navigation
NP283(2) ALRS Maritime Safety Information
NP284 ALRS: Met Observation Stations
NP286(4) ALRS: Pilots, VTS, Ports
NP350(3) Admiralty Distance Tables
NP735 IALA Maritime Buoyage System
NP5011 Admiralty Symbols and Abbreviations
F201 Fiji Nautical Almanac

Notices to Mariners

Fiji waters are covered by the Admiralty Charts & Publications. Charts & publications should be maintained and fully updated for the latest safety-critical navigational information. The Admiralty Notices to Mariners (ANM) provide all of the data needed to maintain the publications.

ANM contain corrections, alterations and amendments for the UKHO’s worldwide series of Admiralty charts and publications. They are published weekly in several formats but are best known as the weekly bulletins. The notices can be accessed via

Mariners should report immediately of the discovery of new dangers or changes or defects in aids to navigation and of shortcomings in charts or publications to the primary charting authority (UKHO) or MSAF.

Tide Information

Annual tidal predictions for Fiji waters are incorporated in the Fiji Nautical Almanac published every year by the Hydrographic Office, Fiji Navy.

They are also published in the Admiralty Tide Tables (Volume 4) published by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. More information can be obtained via

Marine Notice

Marine Notices provide information to the shipping and broader maritime community on a range of important maritime and marine environment protection issues.
Marine Notices provide important safety related information, general guidance or details about forthcoming changes to legislation such as Maritime Transport Decree, Ship Registration Decree and Maritime and Marine Environment Protection Regulations.

Marine Notices which do not appear here are no longer current and may contain information which is no longer applicable.

All current Marine Notices in force are under our News & Media section, click here.

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