Corporate Vision
The vision of the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) is to be a dynamic, internationally respected regulator, provider and promoter of maritime safety, and marine environment protection.

Corporate Mission
The mission of MSAF is to constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve its Vision. In doing this, MSAF will deliver operational excellence in every aspect of the organization and meet or exceed MSAF commitments to the many stakeholders MSAF serve. All of MSAF long-term strategies and short-term actions will be molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every Employee.

Corporate Values
MSAF values a safe, caring, respectful, rewarding, diverse and environmentally responsible work environment and we are committed to:

(a) Aspiring to excellence in work performance;

(b) Demonstrating committed and responsive service delivery to all stakeholders;

(c) Creating and maintaining an enabling environment for legislative compliance;

(d) Collaborating effectively to achieve results;

(e) Demonstrating innovation and creativity; and

(f) Showing leadership to the highest standard.

Corporate Objectives (2015-2019)

  1. Establish and maintain an effective regulatory framework including strategies for enforcement,
  2. Ensure industry compliance with regulatory requirements,
  3. Discharge State’s obligations to IMO,
  4. To have industry fully implement self-management of safety by implementing safety management systems,
  5. Conclude associated transition matters on completion of divestiture of non-core assets and management of remaining assets,
  6. Encourage high standards of maritime safety and security through education and regular consultation with industry,
  7. Maintain a competent and motivated workforce and establish a performance assessment system that encourages productivity,
  8. Ensure continuous improvement to MSAF’s internal systems, and maintain ISO certification,
  9. Support Fiji as necessary on regional maritime matters and regulatory issues,
  10. Provide maritime related advice to the Minister responsible for Transport,
  11. Ensure MSAF has capacity to meet the demands created by the industry growth.

Quality Assurance – Our Commitment
The prime objective of MSAF is to ensure that highest safety standards are met, MSAF products and services are provided in an efficient manner, meeting both the regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers.

MSAF’s Quality Management System is specifically formulated and structured in a way that best meets the needs of MSAF and our customers. Various elements of the Quality Management System combine to assist in determining that all quality and regulatory requirements are complied, and that consistency and uniformity in service delivery is maintained.

MSAF Quality Policy
MSAF is committed to meeting its customer satisfaction by continuously improving and implementing the highest level of maritime standards.

MSAF – Our Stakeholders

1.1.1.     Ship operators;

1.1.2.     Ship owners;

1.1.3.     Ship builders;

1.1.4.     Seafarers;

1.1.5.     Government agencies;

1.1.6.     Commercial operators;

1.1.7.     IMO/ ILO/IHO;

1.1.8.     Fiji Government;

1.1.9.     Vendors and Suppliers;

1.1.10.   International Authorities/Agencies;

1.1.11 Seafarers Association;

1.1.12 Women in Maritime Association;

1.1.13 Maritime Training Institutes (MTI’s);

1.1.14 Maritime Service Provider;

1.1.15 Shipping Agents;

1.1.16 Shippers and Traders.

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