“Seafarers are key workers” – HAPPY DAY OF THE SEAFARER

SUVA – International Seafarers Day is a globally celebrated day with seafarer’s world over recognised for the hard work and excellent effort in ensuring trade and goods are transported swiftly and efficiently across the world.

This year’s Seafarers day is one of a kind, as many of our Fijian seafarers braved the COVID-19 pandemic to serve our beloved country and its people. With the theme of this year’s celebration noted as “Seafarers are key workers – essential to shipping, essential to the World”, the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji would like to pay tribute to the hard work of all our brave and courageous seafarers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes in ensuring the smooth flow of operations during the most difficult times our nation faced while battling the illness that brought the entire world to its knees the Coronavirus.

Just like our medical professionals, our seafarers were also on the front line ensuring that our fellow Fijians in the maritime and outer islands were not entirely cut off in terms of receiving vital goods such as food items, water and most importantly medical supplies.

The Authority would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your continued services during trying times like this. The last few months has been completely overwhelming for most Fijians, but knowing that cargo and freight continued to be shipped nationwide without any disruptions was reassuring, as you worked on ensuring that no Fijian was left behind.

The Authority would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all our seafarers serving in foreign countries and in the local front. Please remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.

The Authority would like to wish you all a blessed Seafarers Day!


The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji remains committed to the advancement and achievement of the highest safety standards on board ships for crew and passengers alike and the protection of the marine environment. We ensure the implementation of all International Maritime Organisations conventions that will assist in achieving the Fijian Government’s goal of delivering services and products to all Fijians in a timely and efficient manner, this to the effect of meeting both the regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers.

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