The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is warning members of the public engaged in illegal boat operations to refrain from doing so, as it’s officers work round the clock to clamp down on illegal boat operators.

This is after MSAF enforcement officers in a joint operation with Fiji Water Police officers this morning detained eight boats (15m or less) operating illegally along the Rewa River, loading and offloading passengers at Nasali  Boat Landing.

The team also issued infringement notices to boat operators that did not adhere to simple boat rules like the donning of life jackets.

The detained boats did not carry safety appliances which is compulsory for all boats in the country, and did not have any survey certificates indicating that the boats had already been surveyed and  were classified sea worthy.

MSAF is committed to protecting the lives of Fijians out at sea and will not stand by to allow boat operators risking the lives of their passengers by not following simple boat safety rules.

MSAF understands that illegal operations have been on going in many areas dependent on boats as its means of transportation, but boat operators need to know that they must adhere to safety rules.

These includes:-

  • Boat Operator to have a valid relevant Boat Master License
  • Valid Survey Certificate
  • Safety Appliances
  • Number of Passengers to be printed on the side of the boat, ii) registration number of the boat, iii) name of the boat.
  • No overloading
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