The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji is working closely with Goundar Shipping Limited in ensuring it’s business is back in operation soon.

Personnel from the shipping company have been involved in several meetings over the past few days with staff of the Authority as they work on improving and domesticating the Safe Ships Management system documents GSL currently has.

As of today, the team at MSAF with GSL have been reviewing the documents and are strictly scrutinizing the said documents whereby GSL are advised on the amendments.

GSL currently has 5 ships in operation and the documents cannot be reviewed overnight, as after the reviewing of the documents, MSAF personnel will then have to conduct mandatory individual checks on all operating vessels.

The ships in operation are Lomaiviti Princess, Lomaiviti Princess II, Lomaiviti Princess III, Lomaiviti Princess V and Lomaiviti Princess VI.

MSAF do not foresee completing the process today.



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