The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji wish to convey its appreciation to 10 shipping companies that have successfully drafted their own standard operating procedures using the Safe Ships Management System as guideline. The 10 shipping companies have shown suitable level of compliance and will be issued interim document of compliance and interim safe ship management certificates upon payment of the two certificates.

“Upon issue of Interim Certificates, the Ship and its respective Operator will be given a further 3 months to implement the SSMS 2014 on board, complete its pending documents and prepare for an implementation Audit,” MSAF’s acting CEO Cpt Hill said.

“The MSAF also reports that as of 1st July 2019 all Interim Certificates would have been issued to Ships including its respective Shipping Companies that have shown suitable level of compliance.”

All passenger, cargo and trucking ships will need to comply with the Safe Ships Management System which is a domesticated version of the International Safety Management (ISM) code which is part of the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) implemented by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and ratified by the Fijian Government. The SSMS will be effective from July 1, 2019.

Shipping companies that do not comply with the Safe Ships Management System (SSMS) will be issued with a detention notice from Monday (July 1st, 2019). The detention notice will not allow the noncompliant ship to operate until MSAF is satisfied that the ship has complied with the SSMS

Non-compliant ships will be detained accordingly pursuant to Section 40 of the Maritime Transport Act 2013 and Maritime (Safe Ship Management System) Regulation 2014 Reg. 18. MSAF is working with compliant shipping companies to service the routes of noncompliant shipping companies from Monday.

Members of the public are requested to make necessary travel arrangements with the following shipping companies as they have complied with the SSMS.

  1. Patterson Brothers Shipping Limited
  2. Victoria Marine Limited
  3. Valesasa Shipping Company
  4. Government Shipping Services
  5. Naos Shipping Limited
  6. South Sea Cruises
  7. Captain Cook Cruises
  8. IME Capital
  9. Leeward Operations
  10. Amex Engineering Limited

Training for ship masters, seafarers and shipping operators were held in two locations around the country, whereby MSAF staff members and personnel from SPC facilitated the 2 days training in Suva and another 2 days training in Nadi last year.

For further information please contact Manager Qualification and Licensing (Cpt) Tomasi Kete on 9926672



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