Fiji’s achievements in the maritime industry is attributed to the hard work, selflessness and sacrifices made by the backbone of the industry which are the seafarers.

These were the words of the Honourable Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, National Disaster Management and Meteorological Services Jone Usamate during the International Seafarers Day celebration held at the Fiji Maritime Academy on 25 June, 2019.

Mr Usamate thanked seafarers for working selflessly, within the deep seas and oceans for months on end to ensure maritime trade is safe, efficient and successful.

With the theme of Seafarers Day I AM ON BOARD WITH GENDER EQUALITY, Mr Usamate urged male seafarers to ensure the protection of their female counterparts offshore as well as onshore.

“The full and significant participation of women in the economy, political decision –making, and society is key to achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 that is focused on gender equality,” Mr Usamate said.

“Women are as perfect leaders as men, so I would encourage everyone here today to encourage females to consider a career in the maritime sector, not only to find employment in this field of work but to work hard in moving up the ranks,” Mr Usamate said.

Mr Usamate made reference to figures released by the International Transport Federation which estimates that female seafarers make up about 23,000 of its total 1.25million membership.

Out of the 23,000 female seafarers in the world, Fiji has registered 92 female seafarers.

“To the ladies seafarers continue with the good work, as the saying goes aim for the moon if you fall you’ll land on the stars”.


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