THE Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji’s acting Chief Executive Officer Captain Philip Hill has expressed grave concerns on comments made by the president of the Fiji Women in Maritime Association Jane Koi in the media.

In a story published by the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited with the headline Fiji WIMA seeks more support from MSAF, Ms Koi is quoted as saying “the Maritime Safety Authority should also ensure the safety of women in the workshop” and calls on MSAF to practise inclusivity by sending female seafarers for trainings.

The training of female seafarers is entirely at the discretion of their employers.

MSAF has always been inclusive when it comes to providing equal opportunities for female seafarers, this includes training the actual women seafarers and those that provide administration work in the maritime sector.

MSAF as the regulatory body for all maritime operations in the country is confident to say that we support and appreciate the work of female seafarers in the country and this is evident as we have now certified and given accreditation to 91 female seafarers who have received their safety certificates as well as certificate of competency. That is testament to the support we provide to female seafarers, this considering that the work environment is ideal for men.

To become a member of the Fiji WIMA association is entirely up to an individual. At MSAF there are few members of the association who have continued to undergo in house training as well as other trainings endorsed by MSAF, just recently, they were part of a Transformational Leadership Workshop which has assisted them in their day to day work.

Our female personnel have attended numerous trainings both locally and internationally, and we have not received any complaints from any female seafarer on any issue that they may have faced at work.

We request Ms Koi to get her facts right before making meaningless statements as such, and we encourage women wishing to be part of the maritime sector to pursue their dreams and not to allow misleading information prevent them from joining this industry.

MSAF reiterates that women are safe working on-board ships and each shipping company has policies in place to ensure safe working environment for all seafarers.

In fact, Fiji WIMA is under the MSAF umbrella and should be reporting to MSAF, and are more than welcome to contact the Authority if they need clarification on issues.


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