Focus On Reducing GHG Emissions

THE Fijian Government will be part of a draft resolution to invite member states of the International Maritime Organisation in encouraging the voluntary cooperation between port and shipping sectors.

The draft resolution will be discussed during the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 74) meeting which will be held over the next five days in London, starting today ending Friday.

The main aim of the draft resolution is to encourage member states of the IMO to endorse and implement ways in which greenhouse gas emissions from ships can be reduced.

Fiji will be represented at the MEPC 74 meeting by the Deputy Secretary Transport and Energy Mr Lui Naisara and MSAF’s acting CEO Captain Philip Hill, who last week attended the 5th Session of the Intersessional meeting of the working group on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (ISWG-GHG 5). The meeting is attended by 61 representatives from the IMO member states.

The outcome of last week’s ISWG – GHG 5 meeting will then be reported to this week’s 74th MEPC meeting with the draft resolution and measures that can be undertaken by member states in reducing GHG emissions high on the agenda.

Part of this dialogue is how ports can put in place measures which may include onshore power supply, provision for bunkering of sustainable low and zero carbon fuels, incentives which promotes low and zero-carbon shipping and support for optimization of port calls.

Part of the discussion will also focus on the procedures for assessing the impact on member states and new measures put forward, for adoption aiming to achieve the strategy, identifying and prioritising short term measures that would be on the agenda of the MEPC meeting.

The working committee hopes to have the mandatory measures put into effect by 2023.

The main topics which will be highlighted at MEPC74 will include the following;

  1. Adoption of amendments to IMO mandatory instruments
  2. Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from ships
  3. Implementation of the sulphur 2020 limit
  4. Marine plastic litter action plan
  5. Ballast water management (BWM) Convention implementation
  6. Approval of guidance and other matters
  7. Technical cooperation and capacity building
  8. Seminar on ship recycling (10 May)

The establishment of a voluntary multi-donor trust fund is also in the pipeline, this will sustain the organisation’s technical cooperation and capacity building activities focusing on the implementation of the initial GHG strategy.


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