Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work has finally paid off for Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji’s flag state surveyor Ratu Penaia Votadroka after the successful completion of his studies in New Zealand.

Mr Votadroka has successfully attained a certificate in Marine Engineer Class 1 (MEC 1) at the Manukau Institute of Technology – International Centre, New Zealand which was made possible through a bilateral aid program between the Fijian Government and its New Zealand counterpart.

Mr Votadroka believes sacrifice and family support is the key to his success story.

After one year of studying abroad, he has returned home to share his knowledge and experience with his work colleagues.

“Looking at this from internal staff point of view, it will increase job satisfaction and moral among the MSAF staff,” Mr Votadroka said.

“This will also be a motivating factor to other staff members who will want to pursue this course, with management and MSAF Board approval of course.”

MSAF’s acting Chief Executive Officer Captain Philip Hill said Mr Votadroka like most of his colleagues who had benefitted from similar educational schemes have proved that age should never be a barrier to education.

“This is a milestone achievement not only for Mr Votadroka but for everyone that has assisted the organisation grow from strength to strength through educational stints as such,” Capt. Hill said.

“Hopefully, we can send more of our staff members to training similar to this which will definitely boost service delivery not only for MSAF but for the maritime industry as a whole.”

Capt. Hill thanked Mr Votadroka and his family for the sacrifices they made through the one year of separation.

Mr Votadroka’s trip to New Zealand was made possible through the Short Term Training Assessment program that started way back in 2014 which is offered to several Pacific Island countries, with Fiji one of its beneficiaries.

Those graduating from the program also receive a complimentary certificate of successful completion of the New Zealand Training Course from Skills International and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mr Votadroka joins two of his other work colleagues’ senior flag state surveyors Samuela Bulimeitura and Semiti Tomasi who are also graduates of the program.

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