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Enforcement officers from the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji will be out in numbers this festive season to monitor boarding procedures at all main wharves and jetties.

MSAF’s festive season operation commenced yesterday, with enforcement officers conducting routine checks at the Port Mua-i-Walu wharf in Suva.

The travelling public and ship operators are reminded that according to the Maritime Transport Act 2013 all children below the age of one (1) are NOT counted as passenger while all children above the age of one (1) are included in the passenger numbers and related to the allowable passenger numbers to be carried by each passenger vessel.

This has caused a lot of misunderstanding between the travelling public and the ship operators resulting in MSAF’s enforcement officers heavily criticized for exercising this very important safety requirement by withholding clearance for certain vessels.

MSAF’s Enforcement Officers (L-R) Asivorosi Dansey, Praveen Kumar and Joseph Kafoa.

MSAF’s acting Chief Executive Officer Captain Philip Hill said it is prudent that all members of the public follow all safety rules.

He said following the safety rules will allow free flow of boarding for passengers and of cargo which will minimize congestion during the boarding rush hour.

“It’s that time of the year again, where people are looking forward to celebrate the season with loved ones, therefore as precautionary measure, we will be tight on security especially in the monitoring of movement at wharves and jetties,” Capt Hill said.

Capt Hill said the tightening of security at these locations is for the safety of all members of the public around the wharf area.

“Movement will be strictly monitored, only those with boarding tickets will be allowed onto the wharf area, this is to minimise risk on port premises and members of the public should understand this rules are in place for their safety,” he said.

Capt Hill reiterated the need for adults to supervise children at all times.

Supervise children at all times.

The festive season operation will continue until the end of February.



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