MV Southern Phoenix Soon To Be Out Of Sight

WORKS on removing the MV Southern Phoenix which sank in the Suva Harbor on May 6, last year has commenced.

The removal of the wreck is a collaboration between the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF), Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) and vessel owner Cruz Holdings Limited.

The vessel owner had engaged its contractor Papua New Guinea based Pacific Towing Limited to spearhead the operation which MSAF is happy to announce has reached Phase 2.

Phase 1 consisted of the removal of oil, fuel and other hazardous substances on board the vessel which commenced on the May 7, 2017 and was successfully completed on June 1, 2017.

Phase two is the actual removal of the remaining cargo on board the vessel along with the 88meter long, 4285 DWT cargo vessel. Removal work is currently underway with the barges and tugs located at the site.

Works on removing the sunken MV Southern Phoenix has now commenced.

The vicinity around the site is a restricted zone and all small boats and vessels are required to keep a wide berth.

MSAF remains committed to the protection of the marine environment and the successful completion of the project will set a benchmark for all ship owners regarding the removal of wrecked ships within the Fiji waters.

The removal of the wreck would improve safety navigation of other vessels within the close proximity of the Kings and Princess wharves and remove any threat to the marine environment.

The project is expected to tentatively last a total of 11 weeks.


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