Fiji Delegation visit to IMSO and IMARSAT Head Quarters in London, United Kingdom

Assistant Minister Mr Vijay Nath and Fiji’s delegation paid a courtesy call to the International Mobil Satellite Organisation (IMSO). The International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) is an inter-governmental organization whose primary purpose is the oversight of certain public satellite safety and security communication services provided by mobile satellite communication systems.

IMSO acts as the International Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) Coordinator, appointed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). IMSO undertakes audits and reviews the performance of the LRIT national database system. Fiji as a party to the IMSO Convention and a member of IMSO, the Fiji delegation was introduced to IMARSAT, a satellite service provider regulated by IMSO that oversees long range identification tracking (LRIT) systems to track and identify vessels and ensure safety of lives at sea through efficient maritime satellite communications.

The courtesy visit was to discuss matters of importance with respect the participation of Fiji in the Long Range Identification and Tracking System and the ratification of IMSO Protocol on Privileges and Immunities to name a few.

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