30th International Maritime Organisation General Assembly “Stop The Plastic Invasion”

Fiji joins the strong call for participating nations on the need for IMO member states to adhere and recognise the effects of Climate Change.

Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Transport reiterated the sentiments of the Hon Prime Minister, thanked the Governments of Germany, Sweden and other participating countries who had supported and worked with Fiji in the UN Oceans Conference in New York in July 2017 and most recently at COP 23 in Bonn. The representative of the Government of Sweden also reciprocated and acknowledged Fiji.

A strong representation was led by the Spanish delegation in the hope for IMO members to further discuss ways of reducing the discharge of plastics into our oceans and address the issue of marine litter.

Member states recognised that while shipping was not totally responsible for the discharge of plastics into our oceans it felt that as a custodian, the shipping industry could play a vital to help reduce and police the invasion of plastics to our oceans.

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