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Pleasure Crafts not used for commercial purposes are required to be registered
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 The prime objective of MSAF is to ensure that highest safety standards are met, MSAF products and services are provided in an efficient manner, meeting both the regulatory requirements and the needs of our customers.

MSAF is responsible for MSI and endeavours to keep these MSI up-to-date on the MSAF website. However, it is the responsibility of Masters/Captains of ships to monitor/receive MSI broadcast MSI from the coast radio station.

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Drowning is among the ten leading causes of death for children and young people in every region of the world. Your safety is your responsibility. Life Saving Appliances can be purchased at any Post Fiji outlets or for more information call us on 3315266.

3 months ago

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji - MSAF

Deputy Secretary Transport & Energy Mr Lui Naisara opened the International Maritime Organisations Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS) meeting.
"The IMSAS audit that will be carried out by the IMO auditors is a mandatory exercise with an aim of determining the full extent of Fiji's adherence and compliance to the obligations and responsibilities contained in the IMO instruments in which Fiji is a Party", Mr Naisara said
"This is the first for Fiji and will not be the last, and we will strive to continue to work with IMO."
The IMSAS meeting will be carried out throughout this week and will end on May 14.
The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji - MSAF Fiji Times Online Fijian Government Moit Fj
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5 months ago

The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji - MSAF

#MSAF😊 Our Marine Pollution Response Service not only has responsibilities for oil spill readiness and response activity in New Zealand but also works with our Pacific neighbours supporting response to actual incidents and the development of capability. This Fiji Sun Online article reports on a recent successful workshop with our Fijian colleagues:

We're pleased to work with the The Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji - MSAF on this and in other areas such as rescue coordination.
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