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Management Team
Organisational Structure
The Minister , The Ministry , MSAF and the Board
Objectives and Commitment
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MSAF's stakeholders are the MSAF Board, Government, ship owners and operators, the tourism industry, training institutes, suppliers, maritime travelers, the general community, MSAF's own workforce and individuals associated with maritime activities.

With the maritime industry being the principal user of MSAF's services, MSAF will continue to provide a climate in which the industry can serve the best interests of its customers. This will be within the requirements set by MSAF to safeguard the safety of maritime travelers and the public in general.

As a Government Commercial Statutory Authority, the Government, on behalf of the public of Fiji, is the owner of MSAF. MSAF is required to provide a high standard of service in the most economic and efficient manner possible.

While MSAF needs to satisfy the demands of the above stakeholders, its ultimate success is dependent upon the efforts of its workforce, which in turn is dependent upon MSAF for job satisfaction and personal development. In undertaking its activities, MSAF looks to provide employees with the maximum opportunity to develop and use their regulatory skills.