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Management Team
Organisational Structure
The Minister , The Ministry , MSAF and the Board
Objectives and Commitment
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MSAF's functions, as provided under the MSAF Decree 2009, (as amended) include:

1.       Regulating maritime operations in Fiji by, among other things:

a.  Providing services in administering and enforcing the laws specified in the Maritime Transport Decree 2013 and the Ship Registration Decree 2013 and any other law relating to the regulation, registration and safety of shipping;

b. Exercising all functions and performing all duties carried out by the Fiji Islands Maritime Safety Administration immediately prior to the commencement of the MSAF Decree 2009;

c.  Advising the State on matters relating to maritime safety and maritime security and liaising with appropriate Ministries and statutory bodies on such  matters; and

d. Representing the State internationally in respect of matters relating to maritime affairs, subject to protocol clearance.

2.       Any function conferred on it by or under the Maritime Transport Decree 2013, Ship Registration Decree 2013 and 34 Regulations

a.  Carrying out such obligations of the State arising from being a signatory to the IMO Conventions.

3.       Safety-related functions

a.  Encouraging a greater acceptance by the maritime industry of the industry's obligation to maintain high standards of maritime safety through:

    • Comprehensive safety education and training programs;
    • Accurate and timely maritime safety advice; and
    • Fostering an awareness in industry management and within the community generally, of the importance of maritime safety and compliance with relevant legislation.

b. Promoting full and effective consultation and communication with all interested parties on maritime safety issues.