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Management Team
Organisational Structure
The Minister , The Ministry , MSAF and the Board
Objectives and Commitment
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a.       Office of the CEO

This department provides corporate support services such as:

  • Statutory and administration support to the Board
  • Submission of Statutory and other reports
  • Quality Management System
  • Drafting and reviewing of legislations
  • International obligations
  • Industry consultation & Awareness
  • Legal Services

b.     Qualification and Licensing

The role of the Qualification and Licensing Division if to ensure seafarers, vessels and operators comply with the provisions of the Maritime Transport Decree 2013, Ships Registration Decree 2013 and its subsidiary regulations, together with other local and international applicable instruments. 

The department provides licensing services such as:

  • Registration of ships in Fiji
  • Registration of seafarers
  • Certification of ships
  • Licensing of commercial ships
  • Licensing of seafarers
  • Registration of recognized medical practitioners
  • Vetting and approving of contract of employment for seafarers
  • Provision of services to owners, operators, seafarers & general public
  • Registration of maritime training providers

c.     Ship Inspection

The role of the Ships Inspection Division is to ensure strict compliance with Maritime Regulations and Marine Environment Protection Regulations and ship owners and operators comply with the provisions of the Maritime Transport Decree 2013, Ships Registration Decree 2013 and the regulations.

This department provides safety services such as:

  • Maintaining and improving shipping safety standards
  • Providing timely, efficient and effective ship surveys and inspections
  • Ensuring ships equipment and machineries, their cargoes, crew and passengers are in compliance to current statutory requirements
  • Ensuring that ships plans are verified and approved
  • Ensuring ship documentation and survey reports are improved and collated for future references
  • Reviewing and improving policies, instructions and SOP's for surveys
  • Providing assistance to maritime awareness programs
  • Providing assistance in marine casualty investigations

d.    Safety, Compliance and Response

The role of the Safety, Compliance and Response Division is to ensure compliance with the MTD 2013, SRD 2013 and subsidiary regulations which include the regulation of ISPS port, government owned wharfs and jetties and marinas; and response to pollution in Fiji waters.

The department provides services such as:

  • Approval and Audits ISPS port in Fiji;
  • Regulation of Government owned wharfs and jetties and private marinas;
  • Management of Aids to Navigation in Fiji waters;
  • Dissemination of maritime safety information to the public and maritime stakeholders;
  • Enforcement of maritime legislations requirements on Fiji registered ships;
  • Marine clearance of Fiji registered ships;
  • Response to marine pollution from ships in Fiji waters;
  • Issue of spot fines and infringement notices to non-complaint ships; and
  • Carry out the function of Port Master.

e.    Standards and Conformance

The role of the Standards and Conformance Division is to ensure that the MTD 2013, SRD 2013 and Maritime and Marine Environment Regulations are kept current, carry out consultation and awareness of new maritime legislations requirements, preparing the state for Mandatory IMO Member State (IMSAS) Audit, and developing rapport with international and regional entities

The department provides services such as:

  • Drafting and reviewing MSAF's maritime laws in accordance to various amendments to the international instruments relevant to Fiji;
  • Ensure training where necessary of internal staff and awareness for stakeholders in the new amendments to Fiji's Maritime Legislation and enable compliance;
  • Establish association and build rapport with international and regional entities;
  • Pursue and secure assistance for MSAF from these entities in the form of training and other technical assistance;
  • Ensure MSAF compliance with ISO requirements;
  • Ensure MSAF/Fiji's ongoing compliance to international instruments relevant to Fiji, Fiji maintains its white listing and is ready for the IMSAS audit;
  • Development and implementation of training program (short & long term) for all technical and legal departments;
  • Development and implementation of MSAF succession plan for technical and legal department of MSAF;

f.     Human Resources

This department provides corporate support services such as:

  • Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity

g.     Finance

This department provides corporate support services such as:

  • Developing and implementing business plans and budgets
  • Financial & Property Management
  • Risk Management and Insurance
  • Cost recovery of services
  • Financial planning and reporting s per guidelines